Live longer. Live healthier.
Our priority is to prevent and early detect disease while providing precise insights for you to become a healthier, happier, more resilient you.

Be the architect of your own health trajectory. Take a deep dive into your current health and risks with next generation technologies.

Your health is your greatest asset. Do you have an in-depth personalized plan to live your best now and into the future.

We focus on Longevity – which is years alive (lifespan) while enjoying great health and vitality (healthspan).


At least 80% of chronic disease is preventable with early detection and optimal lifestyle.


Primary age-related diseases:
― Heart Disease
― Metabolic disease
― Cancer
― Neurodegenerative disease

Your StrategicHealth Approach

Optimal Health and Performance

Early Detection and Disease Prevention

Longevity-Specific Strategies

The majority of age-related diseases do not present with obvious symptoms early on and can remain undetected for years using conventional screening.

What if you could uncover disease well before symptoms occur with enough time to reverse or halt progression?

1. Comprehensive Assessment and Advanced Testing

Our next generation model of health assessment: personalized, predictive, preventative and data-driven.

― Whole Body MRI
― DEXA (Bone Density and Body Composition)
― Blood and Urine Markers
― Advanced Cardiovascular Labs
― Cardiovascular Imaging
― Genetic Testing
― Pharmacogenetics
― Nutrition and Micronutrient Testing

― Biologic Age Markers
― Stress Resilience Testing
― Lifestyle Assessment
― Comprehensive Hormone Testing
― Digestion/Microbiome Testing
― Neurocognitive Testing
― Fitness and Motion Testing

2. Personalized and precise actionable insights based on your data

Your comprehensive roadmap will help define our strategy as we help you achieve your health goals. Our team will translate your results into actionable insights and will work with you to implement meaningful change.


Our StrategicHealth Protocol

Early Detection:

― Cardiovascular Disease
― Metabolic Disease
― Cancers
― Neurodegenerative Disease

Optimizing core physiology:

― Nutrition
― Exercise
― Sleep
― Stress
― Hormones
― Toxins
― Medications
― Supplements
― Longevity Molecules
― Regenerative Therapies


― Health Coaching
― Quarterly Reviews
― Biometric Tracking (sleep, exercise, HRV, body composition)
― Key Performance Indicators
― Health Scorecard

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